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Case Study: Driving Remarkable Lead Generation for Optimizely with Vittendly's Virtual Campaign.

The Story

Optimizely, a leading player in experimentation software, sought to expand its market presence by driving targeted leads for their software solution. With a strong focus on nurturing these leads into direct revenue, Optimizely aimed to surpass their investment through a strategic virtual campaign.

Enter Vittendly, the expert in crafting impactful virtual experiences. Over a span of two years, Vittendly partnered with Optimizely to design and execute a comprehensive virtual campaign. The centerpiece of the campaign was the creation of the "Product Virtual Forum," a quarterly two-hour virtual event featuring distinguished speakers from top-tier companies such as Google, Amazon, Nike, and HSBC. This forum not only showcased industry expertise but also provided a platform for networking and engagement.

Vittendly meticulously organized each Product Virtual Forum, curating engaging topics and securing high-caliber speakers. With a tailored outreach strategy, an average of 471 sign-ups per event were achieved, resulting in a consistent flow of leads for Optimizely's marketing team to nurture.

To further amplify the impact, Vittendly partnered the Product Virtual Events with a strategic email marketing campaign. Over 15,000 relevant contacts were targeted, receiving biannual updates about the upcoming forums and compelling reasons to participate. This synchronized approach enhanced the event's reach and ensured maximum visibility within Optimizely's target audience.

Additionally, Vittendly leveraged the power of webinars to drive marketers' interest towards Optimizely's experimentation software. Expert panels, comprising executives from household brands, were organized, further enhancing credibility. By uniting industry leaders and sharing insights, these webinars generated heightened interest in Optimizely's offerings.

The strategic partnership between Optimizely and Vittendly yielded exceptional results:

  1. Consistently surpassed investment expectations, with leads converted into direct revenue exceeding initial projections.

  2. Quarterly Product Virtual Forums became a staple in the industry, attracting an average of 471 sign-ups per event.

  3. Strong engagement and networking opportunities were fostered, amplifying Optimizely's brand recognition.

  4. Email marketing campaigns garnered significant attention, driving traffic to the forums and nurturing leads.

  5. Webinars contributed to heightened interest in Optimizely's experimentation software, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

Through a comprehensive virtual campaign, Vittendly successfully positioned Optimizely as a frontrunner in the experimentation software landscape. By seamlessly blending engaging virtual events, targeted email marketing, and insightful webinars, the partnership achieved remarkable lead generation, brand elevation, and revenue growth. This case study stands as a testament to Vittendly's expertise in delivering tangible results through innovative virtual experiences.

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Case Study: Elevating Lead Generation for AWS IoT Through Innovative Virtual Campaign.

The Story

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a pioneer in cloud solutions, aimed to amplify leads and brand influence for their IoT product line. With a focus on driving engagement and conversions, AWS partnered with Vittendly to devise a cutting-edge virtual campaign strategy.

Vittendly's expertise converged with AWS's vision to formulate a robust virtual campaign. Over a span of a year (and ongoing), the campaign revolved around the creation of impactful bi-monthly webinars and complementary email newsletters. With a precision-focused approach, Vittendly segmented the target audience to align precisely with AWS's desired demographic.

A meticulous segmentation strategy was deployed, filtering the audience based on job title, seniority level, location, company size, and industry. This precision yielded a pool of 8,000 highly relevant prospects to engage.

Vittendly's ingenuity was showcased through diverse webinar formats, keeping the engagement fresh and insightful. Expert panels convened to discuss IoT-related topics, AWS team members conducted customer interviews, fireside chats ignited thought-provoking discussions, and open Q&A sessions fostered real-time interaction. This versatile approach ensured each webinar catered to different preferences, further solidifying AWS's credibility.

Post-webinar, Vittendly ensured no stone was left unturned. Unedited on-demand footage was swiftly distributed to the segment that missed the live broadcast. Alongside, a curated content piece and a compelling call to action were integrated into email newsletters. This proactive follow-up strategy nurtured the leads and retained the momentum.


The strategic collaboration between AWS and Vittendly yielded remarkable results:

  1. A dynamic virtual campaign successfully engaged a tailored audience, driving meaningful traffic to the webinars and associated content.

  2. By aligning with specific IoT interests, AWS effectively positioned themselves as a go-to solution provider within the target demographic.

  3. The campaign generated four times the revenue measured against the initial investment, showcasing a substantial return on investment.

  4. Brand recognition and influence were elevated, solidifying AWS's position as an industry leader in cloud solutions.

The success of the AWS IoT virtual campaign epitomizes the synergy between innovative strategy and meticulous execution. Vittendly's adept orchestration of engaging webinars, precise audience segmentation, and proactive follow-up transformed leads into tangible revenue. This case study stands as a testament to Vittendly's proficiency in steering brands toward unprecedented growth, while amplifying their impact in the industry.

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Case Study: Amplifying Senior-Level Engagement for Stripe through the Payments Forum Virtual Event.

The Story

Stripe, a prominent player in online payment processing, sought to engage and build relationships with senior-level payments executives across the EMEA region. The challenge was to create a virtual event that would attract targeted key accounts and foster intimate interactions rather than focusing solely on volume.

Vittendly collaborated closely with Stripe to conceptualize and execute the Payments Forum, an exclusive virtual half-day event tailored to Stripe's specific goals. Given the importance of cultivating relationships, it was recommended to host two virtual events within a six-month period, optimizing opportunities for engagement.

Execution: A precise marketing approach was designed to prioritize key accounts. Rather than aiming for high attendee numbers, the focus was on attracting the right audience for meaningful interaction. The Payments Forum was meticulously structured to deliver both insightful content and interactive experiences.

The event platform's unique "rooms" feature was leveraged to facilitate intimate networking sessions. Attendees joined specialized rooms based on their preferred discussion topics. Each room was led by a leading expert who engaged in Q&A with the audience, creating a collaborative atmosphere. A Stripe representative was present in each room to provide insights and further facilitate engagement.

The event's agenda was enriched with high-profile elements. Panel sessions and fireside chats were curated, featuring distinguished payment executives. These sessions contributed thought leadership and fostered compelling discussions.

In addition to traditional engagement features such as news feeds, polls, and competitions, Vittendly introduced a one-on-one meeting feature on the platform. This allowed Stripe executives and specific attendees to schedule personalized meetings, ensuring tailored interactions.

The meticulous execution of the Payments Forum virtual event achieved outstanding outcomes:

  1. Precise Engagement: By targeting key accounts and prioritizing interaction, the event successfully engaged senior-level payments executives.

  2. Strategic Demand Generation: The tailored event format enabled Stripe's Sales team to generate robust demand, focusing on quality interactions over quantity.

  3. Thought Leadership: Panel sessions and fireside chats enriched the event with insightful content, further positioning Stripe as an industry thought leader.

  4. Enhanced Interaction: The unique room feature and personalized meetings facilitated intimate networking, enhancing participant engagement.

The collaboration between Stripe and Vittendly resulted in the successful execution of the Payments Forum, a virtual event that effectively connected Stripe with senior-level payments executives. By emphasizing targeted engagement, tailored networking, and thought leadership, the event not only delivered valuable content but also fostered meaningful interactions that aligned with Stripe's objectives. This case study exemplifies Vittendly's capability to tailor virtual events for strategic engagement, ensuring optimum outcomes for clients' specific goals.

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